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A Missing Tooth Could Lead to a Collapsed Bite

Do you have missing teeth and have not replaced them for a lengthy amount of time? If so, you may have noticed a change in your bite and even facial appearance due to bone loss. A tooth’s root not only anchors the tooth in the jaw bone, but it also stimulates that bone’s growth. When a tooth is lost and there is no root to stimulate it, the bone begins to deteriorate. Deterioration of the jaw bone can force your surrounding teeth to shift and cause your bite to collapse. In extreme cases, this leads to a “sunken-in” appearance of the face. Restoring the bone in your jaw is important if you are considering dental implants or implant supported dentures. Both procedures require an adequate amount of bone available to place and hold the implants. Dr. Scott Condie offers two options to restore lost bone: sinus lifts and bone grafts.

Sinus Lifts Create Space and Additional Bone

In some instances, after tooth loss, you may not have enough bone in the upper arch below your sinuses to support dental implants. In this case, a sinus lift may be necessary. A sinus lift involves cutting into the bone and adding bone grafting material, which will gently raise the sinus floor. This will create more space for an implant. After undergoing a sinus lift, healing time is allowed and implants can usually be placed sometime after four months.

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Bone Grafts Replace Lost Bone to Support Dental Implants

Bone grafting is used to add bone to the jaw where it has been lost in order to create adequate density for dental implants. The bone grafting process involves placing grafting material in areas where bone loss has occurred, in order to provide the necessary foundation for an implant. After several months, the material will fuse with your existing bone and an implant can be placed. Grafting materials can be taken from you or a donor source.

Bone Replacement is Not as Invasive as You May Think

Sinus lift and bone grafting procedures are commonly performed at our office. Dr. Condie is highly skilled and puts great emphasis on your comfort. We offer
sedation options, including oral sedation and local anesthesia, to help you relax and make your dental procedures as painless as possible if needed. After dental implant surgery, you will see a tremendous improvement in your quality of life and overall happiness as you can live your life normally again.

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