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Doctor Scott Condie is one of the top dentists in Gilbert, AZ. He and our caring team of professionals would like to introduce you to a revolutionary new kind of dental practice. The kind where patients are treated like family, where artistry replaces antiquity, where skill replaces insurance dependence, where confidence replaces uncertainty, and where mediocrity is replaced forever. Dr. Condie takes pride in his dedication to cutting-edge dentistry and is constantly undergoing continuing education courses to help our patients receive the most up to date advances in aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Condie

Raised on a small ranch in Idaho Falls, ID, I learned the value of work. My parents believed that work came first, and play came second. They created in me an ethic that one should put all one’s effort into the task at hand whether it be shingling a roof, landscaping chores, or athletic practice. I’ve learned that a job done well is something that one should always strive to achieve. My father has always told me that any job worth doing is worth doing right. This philosophy has guided my life in all regards. I learned to appreciate the value of living a life governed by high morals, honesty and hard work. Read more…

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