When Would a Dentist Recommend All-on-4®?

All On 4 Dental Implants Gilbert, AZ

Many dentists recommend All-on-4® to patients that are looking to replace an entire arch (or both arches) of missing teeth. All-on-4® is seen by many dentists as a great option for teeth replacement in the long term, especially for patients that are willing and able to go through a more extensive (and sometimes invasive) process to achieve their ideal new smile.

What is All-on-4® and who is it for?

The following review discusses what the All-on-4 treatment is and who does (and who does not) make the ideal candidate for it. While, in general, there are times when a dentist might recommend All-on-4, the decision is ultimately up to the patient to make.

What is All-on-4?

All-on-4 is a method of teeth replacement in which four dental implants are strategically positioned inside the jaw on a single row. A complete denture is then permanently fixed to the four implants, creating a smile that looks and feels natural for the patient.

Who is the ideal candidate for All-on-4?

All-on-4 is for someone who is missing the majority of their teeth in one single row or both rows (upper and lower) in the mouth. Many patients are missing jawbone due to gum disease or as a result of atrophy after tooth loss. To help ensure a successful implant placement procedure, patients require a normal level of healthy jawbone tissue. Consequently, those patients may require a bone graft procedure. The ideal candidate is one that is willing to go through a more extensive process that can involve bone grafting and minor surgery to place the four dental implants. Treatment also takes longer than with traditional dentures, so the ideal candidate should also have a complete understanding of the expected timeline with All-on-4.

Who is not a good candidate for All-on-4?

Patients that want the least invasive treatment process may prefer an alternative teeth replacement solution, such as traditional removable complete dentures. Those who have general health problems that may not allow them to safely go through a minor surgical procedure may not be an ideal candidate, as well. The best way to determine whether or not treatment is appropriate is to discuss All-on-4 with a dental professional.

What can I expect with All-on-4 in the long term?

The treatment process for All-on-4 typically takes more than six months. This is primarily because the mouth has to heal after implants placement and the implants must fuse together with the jawbone (osseointegration). Once treatment is complete, patients can care for their smile the same as they do their natural teeth; this includes brushing regularly and using mouthwash as directed by their dentist. Regular check-up visits and cleanings are essential every four to six months, as well.

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