The Advantages of Scaling and Root Planing

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Scaling and root planing is a procedure done in order to combat gum disease. It focuses on cleaning the gums out so that they are rid of any bacterial growth, thus eliminating disease and promoting good oral health.

The procedure does involve a few steps, with the first being the scaling portion. Scaling is the act of removing plaque and tartar along and below the gum lines. The second part is the root planing, which is when the dentist relays the tooth's roots. This is done by smoothing them out as they often become problematic as a result of the infection.

While scaling and root planing may sound daunting, the procedure is actually very important for oral health. It can do a lot of wonders for individuals with unhealthy gums. Additionally, there are other oral health advantages that come with it. Keep reading to find out more!

Scaling and root planing to benefit oral health

Outlined below are some of the advantages that come with getting scaling and root planing done. This information may be helpful to read when preparing for an upcoming visit to the dentist's office.

Healthy teeth

One advantage of getting scaling and root planing done is that the teeth are able to thrive in a healthier environment afterward. The gums play a big role in the health of the teeth since they help to keep them anchored in place. When the gums are unhealthy, the teeth are at risk of developing an infection, which can lead to decay and even loss. That said, when the gums are in good shape, the teeth are also likely to be as well! 

Better breath

A common symptom of unhealthy gums is bad breath. Once scaling and root planing is done, the bacteria beneath the gums are removed, which leads to better breath. Better breath is an advantage, as it can be discouraging to have uncontrollable odors coming from the mouth. 

Prevention of future infections

Although scaling and root planing is usually done to treat existing gum disease, what a lot of people do not realize is that the procedure also helps to prevent future infections. Scaling and root planing is done so rarely, which makes the procedure quite beneficial when it actually is done. Even the smallest amount of bacteria can be removed from the gums during the procedure, which can help promote healthy gums moving forward. 

Fewer dental appointments

Individuals that have gum disease need to visit the dentist's office frequently, instead of the twice a year that is generally recommended. However, after scaling and root planing is done, any gum disease is likely to be resolved, thus requiring fewer dental appointments. 

Find out more

Individuals that are still curious about the advantages of scaling and root planing can talk with a dentist to find out more. Any questions or concerns about the procedure and what it entails can also be addressed. Reach out today!

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