How to Save a Tooth When It Is Loose

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Timely dental care is essential when you detect a tooth is loose. A loose tooth is one step away from falling out of your mouth and that might force you to get an artificial tooth. Getting to a dentist as soon as a loose tooth is detected can be the difference between only needing minor dental care treatments to restabilize the tooth or needing to undergo oral surgery for prosthetics like implants.

Getting dental care for a loose tooth

There are various reasons why a person might end up with a loose tooth. It might be the result of a habit like teeth grinding or trauma to the face due to physical activity or an accident. A loose tooth can also be a symptom of the advanced stage of gum disease called periodontitis.

How loose a tooth is determines the dental care treatment options a dentist might recommend. Some of the ways a dentist might go about trying to fix a loose tooth include:

  • Using a splint: A dentist might be able to use a dental splint to hold a loose tooth in place. The splint is cemented to the loose teeth and anchored down on stable teeth next to it. Keeping the tooth stable allows it to bond with the bone and soft tissues keeping it in place
  • A mouth guard: If a person’s loose tooth is caused by teeth grinding, the dentist might provide them with a nightguard that protects their teeth at night from the forces created by teeth grinding. This might be combined with a splint
  • Deep cleaning: If a loose tooth is caused by gum disease, a dentist might treat the patient by performing a deep cleaning of their teeth. This involves cleaning the visible part of the tooth and pulling back on gum tissues to clean teeth roots. Laser deep cleanings are less invasive since there is no need to pull back gum tissues. Deep cleaning can be combined with a splint to treat a loose tooth

In some cases, the tissue and bone structures that support teeth are too damaged to reattach the tooth. When that is the case, the dentist might recommend replacing the tooth with an oral prosthetic like:

  • Dental implants: These are artificial teeth roots that can be fitted with a crown to replace a missing tooth
  • Bridges: Bridges are artificial teeth that are anchored down to the teeth closest to them. They are often recommended when a person has multiple teeth next to each other
  • Dentures: These are the least invasive way to replace teeth. Partial dentures work great when a patient has more than one missing tooth

Get treatment for your loose tooth

Dealing with a loose tooth? It will not get better on its own. Give us a call or visit our Gilbert clinic to discuss treatment options with our dentist. The longer you wait to treat a loose tooth, the fewer treatment options you will have.

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