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Dental Fear is a Common Concern

Afraid or anxious of going to the dentist? Join the other 40 million Americans who suffer from dental anxiety—you’re not alone. People are fearful of the dentist for any number of reasons. Maybe it’s the sounds or smells. It could be a bad experience in the past. Or perhaps you are simply embarrassed. Regardless of the reason you may be anxious of visiting the dentist, it is never a smart idea to put off treatment. The longer you wait for treatment, the more likely conditions will worsen. To help patients who suffer from fear and anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry to help make your procedure as calming and painless as possible.

Trust in Experience, Technology and Sedation

Dr. Condie is proud of the fact that typically most of his patients do not require advanced sedation when receiving treatment. Thanks to his state-of-the-art office and technology and over 16 years of experience, Dr. Condie provides patients with the care they need comfortably.

Local Anesthetic

Applied directly to the site of treatment, this sedation blocks sensations of pain while treatment is being performed.

Oral Sedation

Taken in pill form about an hour before treatment, this sedation will make patients feel relaxed and sleepy, oftentimes forgetful of the procedure itself.

Live a Healthy Life by Seeing Dr. Condie

It is no exaggeration to say that receiving dental care will change your life. By putting treatment off, you are more susceptible to disease, such as periodontal disease, which will eventually require surgery or you risk losing teeth! Once you experience Dr. Condie’s gentle approach to dentistry, you will love the way your smile looks. Thanks to advanced sedation options, you will be able to receive your treatment without fears or anxiety getting in the way.

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If you are fearful of dental visits, call Dr. Condie to discuss sedation options so you can receive the treatment you need now.

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