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The Solution to an Embarrassing Smile

Are you hiding your smile because of chipped or misshapen teeth? Is your smile not the bright white color you see others with? Or do you have spaces in between your teeth that make you self-conscious? We offer porcelain veneers that can correct a variety of imperfections, without invasive surgery. Veneers are incredibly thin and durable porcelain covers for your teeth that are customized to your smile specifications, including color, size and shape.

Are You a Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a great way to solve cosmetic imperfections in your smile and provide long-lasting results. You may be an ideal candidate for porcelain veneers if you:

  • Have stained or discolored teeth
  • Have minor spaces between teeth
  • Have misshapen or crooked teeth
  • Have chipped or cracked teeth
  • Have healthy, stable teeth
  • Have a moderately straight bite
  • Do not suffer from gum (periodontal) disease
  • Do not clench or grind your teeth
  • Practice good dental hygiene

A Simple Process for a Stunning Smile

Patients who receive veneers from Dr. Condie see significant improvements in their overall smile from such a minor procedure. The veneer process involves shaving down a thin layer of enamel from the tooth to make room for the veneer. Then, Dr. Condie utilizes state-of-the-art labs to create your porcelain veneers. Temporary veneers are given to you while the lab custom creates your own. On your second trip to see Dr. Condie, he will fit you with the stunning smile you’ve been dreaming about.

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