Why You Should Consider Seeing a Dental Phobia Dentist

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A dental phobia dentist is a licensed dental professional who goes the extra mile for patients with dental fears to help them feel more comfortable during each visit. The treatment goals with a dental phobia dentist are similar to other dentists, but the approach and the way they go about treating patients may differ to accommodate those with dentophobia or dental anxiety. 

How a dental phobia dentist can help patients overcome their concerns

While dental phobia dentists can treat patients with dental anxiety or dental phobia, they understand the differences between the two and the specific challenges patients with dental phobia have. The following are four ways in which a dental phobia dentist can help patients with a severe fear of the dentist get the care they need and feel as comfortable as possible during their visits. 

They understand the different types of phobias and how severe they can be

A dental phobia dentist understands the different types of phobias, so they know exactly how the patient feels and the best way to accommodate them. Whether the patient has a fear of needles (see below) or feels as if they are going to be judged by the dental staff, dental phobia dentists have a special way of communicating with patients to make them feel comfortable and tailoring treatment plans according to their specific needs. 

They can help patients overcome their fear of needles

A fear of needles is a very common phobia, not just in dentistry but with medical care as well. The good news is that there are ways around the traditional use of needles. For example, dental phobia dentists may use topical anesthesia, painless injections, and other alternative solutions to the use of needles for dental procedures and administering sedatives. 

They are more likely to offer quieter and less invasive procedures

Many patients are fine before the visit but may begin to feel claustrophobic or fearful of a painful experience once they hear the sound of drills and other dental instruments. A dental phobia dentist can accommodate this concern in various ways, such as using laser dentistry rather than traditional methods and/or allowing the patient to wear headphones during treatment. 

They take pride in offering a friendly and welcoming environment

Meeting a genuine friendly face when you walk through the door is a great way to calm anxieties before dental treatment. Dental phobia dentists understand the importance of hiring a friendly and professional staff that understands how to interact with others in a way that helps them feel calmer and more comfortable 

Contact us today to schedule a visit with our dental phobia dentist

Here at our dental practice, we take pride in offering a relaxed and calm atmosphere and doing all we can to accommodate the specific needs of our patients. If you (or your child) has a dental phobia and you are searching for a dentist who understands the condition and how to help patients overcome it, then we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a visit.

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