4 Signs You May Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary Gilbert, AZ

A dentist can only determine if a tooth extraction is necessary by examining the tooth in person, but this review highlights four indications that this procedure may be necessary. Emergency tooth extraction is a procedure that may be necessary if a tooth is damaged beyond repair and causes pain and other discomforting or concerning symptoms.

4 Situations where an emergency tooth extraction may be necessary

Four of the more common reasons for emergency tooth extraction are to treat painful wisdom teeth, tooth fractures beneath the gum line, severe decay, and teeth that are severely weakened by periodontal disease. The following is a detailed review of when each concern requires the removal of the tooth, particularly as it relates to emergency situations.

1. Painful wisdom teeth

Although some individuals' wisdom teeth grow in the way they are supposed to, wisdom teeth often cause problems once they begin to emerge through the gums. Wisdom teeth can become an emergency if the pain worsens suddenly. This can occur after wisdom teeth emerge or while they are still impacted. In either case, alerting a dental professional that offers emergency services is important when severe wisdom teeth pain occurs.

2. Tooth fracture beneath the gum line

Teeth that fracture above the gum line can often be repaired and extraction is not necessary. However, teeth that fracture beneath the gum line and toward the root of the tooth likely require extraction followed by tooth replacement. The risk of a tooth fracture may be higher in patients that have had a dental filling or root canal in that tooth previously.

3. Severe tooth decay

Dentists always do everything they can to save a decayed tooth from extraction. After an evaluation, a dentist may recommend root canal therapy, a dental filling, or a dental crown for minor to moderate decay. However, teeth can only be saved if there is enough healthy tooth remaining, and emergency tooth extraction may be necessary if the decay becomes too severe.

4. Weakened teeth from periodontal disease

One of the most common causes of tooth loss is periodontal disease (gum disease). When gum disease becomes severe or lasts for an extended period of time, it can cause deep gum pockets, gum recession, and bone loss in the jaw. In other words, the support system for the tooth weakens and leads to the tooth becoming loose and falling out. If discomforting symptoms develop, then it may be best to extract the tooth early rather than wait for symptoms to worsen.

What to expect during an emergency dental visit

During the visit to determine if an emergency tooth extraction is necessary, the dental staff can conduct an oral examination, order dental x-rays, and evaluate the patient’s symptoms to determine the best course of action.

Are you experiencing issues with a damaged tooth?

If you have severe tooth pain, excessive swelling around a damaged or infected tooth, or other concerning symptoms that indicate a dental emergency, then we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. We offer emergency dental services, including emergency tooth extraction for patients in urgent need of assistance.

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