The Evolution of The Toothbrush

The Evolution of the Toothbrush may surprise you. Good oral hygiene is not a new idea. Our ancient ancestors knew that a healthy mouth is a happy mouth. For many centuries, the toothbrush has been the tool in which we make that happen. While overall dental care has become far more sophisticated in the 19th century, the fundamentals of keeping your teeth and gums clean haven’t changed much.

In this interesting info-graphic below (created by FORTIS), shows how the tool itself has changed over the years:

toothbrush evolution

As you can see, the toothbrush design has stayed relatively the same, as a hand held device. From stick to advanced smart-brush of today, the principal purpose remains the same. You may be surprised to see that the brush that sits by your sink is a similar design created in the early 1900’s. Dr. West’s Miracle Tuft Toothbrush with synthetic bristles basic design still fills the shelves of your local mega-mart, as an affordable and effective solution to dental care.


While the tool may have retained the same basic designs, one advancement in science that we all benefit from is the toothpaste that we use. Today’s toothpaste is far superior to what our ancestors had to use. Today’s toothpaste aids in the teeth cleaning process, prevention of future tooth and gum related problems, and creates a fresh and inviting aroma for our breath.


Whichever design you like, from old fashion to high-tech, we hope you’re following Dr. Scott Condie’s advice for brushing twice per day for two minutes per session. If you’d like to learn more about the proper way of brushing your teeth, just ask one of our friendly Hygienists in the office. They are teeth-brushing ninjas and have all the secret tips and tricks.